How Do You Treat People You Care About? Is It Awful or Kind & Caring?

Always Pay Attention to How People Treat You. It Is A Reflection Of Them… Not YOU!

Today, I Was Told That Some Of My Family Has Been Worried About Me… They Show This By Embargoing In My Life W/Out Asking… Believing/Spreading Rumors & Then Treating You Awful… For Example: Like When You Say Hi & You Are Ignored By Specific People… How Is This Helpful or Even Considered Concerned?

I DK… Maybe Some Else Out There Has Experience This?

To Me, If You Are Concerned/Worried About Someone… I Reach Out to Them… Not to Confront, Judge, Lecture, Etc. I Am Just There As Their Friend… And If They Need My Help… They Have It. They’ll Ask Me… I Don’t Try to Judge Anyone or Believe in Rumors B/C They Are Usually Made Up! HA! Small Town Gossip – Give Me A Break… No One Cares About Bullshit… I Mean Mostly Likely Rumors Are Created By People Who Are Jealous of You… Just Sayin’.

Watching Someone Using the Bathroom In Public…

One Night at Work (Bartending) I Was Working & Visiting With a Friend…

He had a Blonde Interested in Him… Her Parents Were Not Happy About It, So He Told The Blonde I Was His Girlfriend… She Sat Next to Him, Started Rubbing His Upper Thigh As I Was Right There Across the Bar.

Needless to Say, She Didn’t Care About Her Parents or Me. My Friend Had to Go to the Men’s Room to Pee. The Blonde Walked to the Popcorn Machine, Filled Her Basket With Popcorn & Followed My Friend Into the Men’s Room to Watch Him Pee – Eating Popcorn Like She Was Watching a Movie…

Chicken Quinoa Bowls…

I Am Not Sure About You… But I Love An Easy Meal To Make… Pop It In The Oven & Let It Cook!

With The Busy Schedule Between Family, Friends, Work, Etc. It Can Be A Challenge To Make A Home Cooked Meal Every Night!

I Love Recipes Like This One As You Can Multitask & Take Care Of Other Things While This Cooks!


Chicken Breast(s)


Quinoa & Kale

I Put The The Chicken Breast(s) in A Greased Glass Baking Dish in the Oven At 350 Degrees… Cook for About 30-45 Min. Or Whenever the Chicken Is Cooked Until Your Liking…

I Put The Veggies In Another Greased Baking Dish With A Drizzle Off Olive Oil & Garlic Pepper Seasoning…

Boom… You Are Pretty Much Done Until It Is All Cooked! Go Do Whatever For 45 Min. Multitasking!