How Do You Treat People You Care About? Is It Awful or Kind & Caring?

Always Pay Attention to How People Treat You. It Is A Reflection Of Them… Not YOU!

Today, I Was Told That Some Of My Family Has Been Worried About Me… They Show This By Embargoing In My Life W/Out Asking… Believing/Spreading Rumors & Then Treating You Awful… For Example: Like When You Say Hi & You Are Ignored By Specific People… How Is This Helpful or Even Considered Concerned?

I DK… Maybe Some Else Out There Has Experience This?

To Me, If You Are Concerned/Worried About Someone… I Reach Out to Them… Not to Confront, Judge, Lecture, Etc. I Am Just There As Their Friend… And If They Need My Help… They Have It. They’ll Ask Me… I Don’t Try to Judge Anyone or Believe in Rumors B/C They Are Usually Made Up! HA! Small Town Gossip – Give Me A Break… No One Cares About Bullshit… I Mean Mostly Likely Rumors Are Created By People Who Are Jealous of You… Just Sayin’.