Need Advice… Please HELP!

This Week A Friend Was In An Accident… I Spoke to My Brother About This Accident & Then He Brings Up My Blog… Saying To DELETE Any Post Containing Stuff About Family… He Said He Read It On Facebook But My Blog Doesn’t Share to Facebook…

I Told Him I Was Calling to Only to Discuss Our Friend. He Continued On & I Stopped Talking So He Went Back To The Convo We Were Having About Our Friend.

He Made Me Feel Awful & Barked Orders At Me. Like WTF?

This Blog Is Still Newer & I Am Wondering Who He Saw It From… I Didn’t Give Him the Link to It… Anyways, The Point Is…

I Do Not Think I Should Have to Take Them Down. This Blog is REAL – Real Life Adventures, Experiences, Hurt, Pain, Etc. And These Are Things That Have Happened to Me. I Am Telling the Truth & This is My Place to Tell My Story. I Am Not Trying to Make Anyone Look Bad, But I Am Not Going to Be Treated In Inappropriate Ways & Then Hide… This Has Been Going On Now for Almost Four (4) Years. This is the First I Have Told My Story Because Being Treated This Way Is Not Fair to Me & I’m Standing Up for Myself – I Know Its About Time!

What Do You Think? Please Let Me Know Your Feedback!

Cucumber & Onions! Healthy Snack Or Side Dish…

I Love Cucumber Salad! Well Cucumbers & Onions!

What You’ll Need:

  1. Cucumber(s)
  2. Onion(s)
  3. Zesty Italian Dressing
  4. Optional – Carrots, Green Pepper, Jalapenos Or Any Pepper You Like, Tomato’s, Etc.

If You Need to Clean Any Additional Produce (Carrots,Peppers, Tomato’s, Etc.) To This First…

Peel Cucumber(s) – I Use A Potato Peeler – Super Quick & Easy… Cut The Ends Of The Cucumber(s) Off & Cut Into Slices…

If the Cucumber Is Very Large… You Can Cut It In Quarters (Long Way) & Take Out the Seeds If You Want… This Cucumber Wasn’t Very Thick So I Just Sliced It.

Chop Up Onion(s). I Used A Half Of An Onion As It Is Just for Me… After Halved I Cut It In Thirds & Mix With Cut Up Cucumbers in Container.

Pour Zesty Italian Dressing In Container With Cucumber & Onion Slices. Stir. Put in the Fridge to Marinate for a Little Bit.

Take Out Of Fridge & Enjoy! I Ate This Container In One Sitting With Dinner!

One of the Things I Love About This Recipe Is It Is Easy & Quick… You Can Add A Variety Of Additional Produce, To Make It Yours, As Well As,¬†You Can Make A Small Amount Just You or Make A Lot For a Family Event, Picnic, Holidays, Etc.

Easy Crock Pot Chicken…

I Love To Use My Crock Pot or Instant Pot for Easy Cooking… Lets Be Honest… It Is One Less Thing To Do… Plus With It Being Summer in the Midwest… It Keeps The Apt. Cool. Unfortunately, The Apt. Does Not Have Central Air So We Have A Window Unit, Which Works Well, But Turning On The Oven Will Make The Kitchen Super Hot for a While – Hence the Crock Pot/Instapot.


  1. Crockpot
  2. Chicken Breast’s (2)
  3. Onion Soup Mix (1 Package/Pouch)
  4. Water

I Use Onion Soup Mix… Usually One Box Comes With Two (2) Packages… I Love to Shop At Aldi… So this is From Aldi’s.

Put Chicken in the Crock Pot or Instapot (I Used Frozen Chicken Breasts-Southwestern Flavor) As I Am Planning on Making My Spicy Avocado Chicken Enchiladas. Otherwise, Most of the Time I Use Regular Chicken Breasts.

Cover With Water & Add One (1) Package of Onion Soup Mix – Pour Over the Top of Chicken & Water. This Is What It Will Look Like:

Cook Until Chicken Is Fully Cooked.

Scoop Chicken Out of Crock Pot & Put On A Plate, Bowl, Container, Etc. Take Two (2) Forks & The Chicken Shreds Super Easily. It Is Super Tasty As A Protein for Dinners & Can Be Used In Any Recipe That Calls for Chicken. I Usually Replace Any Canned Chicken With This.

Also, It Freezes Super Well! I Shred the Chicken & Then Put in Ziploc Freezer Bag or Freezer Container.

Side Note: I Always Label & Date Everything I Put in the Freezer, As I Am Forgetful.