Mr. Magoo’s New Companion!!!

So We Have A Visitor For A Couple Of Weeks (At Least). His Name Is Roger! He Is Handsome & Sassy (Which I Like B/C So Am I).

I Was Super Worried The First Couple Of Days, As Roger Was In Hiding! I Just Brought Him Into Th House In His Little Pink Carrier & Set Him Down In The Entry Way-Opened the Cage Door.

Mr. Magoo & Roger Have Known Each Other Since Roger Was A Kitten. My Moms Friend Is Roger’s Owner Who May Have Been Dating My Mom. So I’d Bring Magoo There & Roger Would Come To The Apt.

However, It Has Been Quite Some Time Since They Have Seen Each Other… I Thought They Would Just Pick Up How They Were Before…

Unfortunately That Needed Some Time… Mr. Magoo Is My Cat… He Is Protective & He Does Not Like His Territory (Home) Intruded Upon. Understandably.

After The First Couple Of Days… They Have Return Back To Normal… Eating, Sleeping & Playing Together… I Think Both Of Them Could Have Used The Companionship!

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