Chicken Quinoa Bowls…

I Am Not Sure About You… But I Love An Easy Meal To Make… Pop It In The Oven & Let It Cook!

With The Busy Schedule Between Family, Friends, Work, Etc. It Can Be A Challenge To Make A Home Cooked Meal Every Night!

I Love Recipes Like This One As You Can Multitask & Take Care Of Other Things While This Cooks!


Chicken Breast(s)


Quinoa & Kale

I Put The The Chicken Breast(s) in A Greased Glass Baking Dish in the Oven At 350 Degrees… Cook for About 30-45 Min. Or Whenever the Chicken Is Cooked Until Your Liking…

I Put The Veggies In Another Greased Baking Dish With A Drizzle Off Olive Oil & Garlic Pepper Seasoning…

Boom… You Are Pretty Much Done Until It Is All Cooked! Go Do Whatever For 45 Min. Multitasking!

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