Need Advice… Please HELP!

This Week A Friend Was In An Accident… I Spoke to My Brother About This Accident & Then He Brings Up My Blog… Saying To DELETE Any Post Containing Stuff About Family… He Said He Read It On Facebook But My Blog Doesn’t Share to Facebook…

I Told Him I Was Calling to Only to Discuss Our Friend. He Continued On & I Stopped Talking So He Went Back To The Convo We Were Having About Our Friend.

He Made Me Feel Awful & Barked Orders At Me. Like WTF?

This Blog Is Still Newer & I Am Wondering Who He Saw It From… I Didn’t Give Him the Link to It… Anyways, The Point Is…

I Do Not Think I Should Have to Take Them Down. This Blog is REAL – Real Life Adventures, Experiences, Hurt, Pain, Etc. And These Are Things That Have Happened to Me. I Am Telling the Truth & This is My Place to Tell My Story. I Am Not Trying to Make Anyone Look Bad, But I Am Not Going to Be Treated In Inappropriate Ways & Then Hide… This Has Been Going On Now for Almost Four (4) Years. This is the First I Have Told My Story Because Being Treated This Way Is Not Fair to Me & I’m Standing Up for Myself – I Know Its About Time!

What Do You Think? Please Let Me Know Your Feedback!

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