Cucumber & Onions! Healthy Snack Or Side Dish…

I Love Cucumber Salad! Well Cucumbers & Onions!

What You’ll Need:

  1. Cucumber(s)
  2. Onion(s)
  3. Zesty Italian Dressing
  4. Optional – Carrots, Green Pepper, Jalapenos Or Any Pepper You Like, Tomato’s, Etc.

If You Need to Clean Any Additional Produce (Carrots,Peppers, Tomato’s, Etc.) To This First…

Peel Cucumber(s) – I Use A Potato Peeler – Super Quick & Easy… Cut The Ends Of The Cucumber(s) Off & Cut Into Slices…

If the Cucumber Is Very Large… You Can Cut It In Quarters (Long Way) & Take Out the Seeds If You Want… This Cucumber Wasn’t Very Thick So I Just Sliced It.

Chop Up Onion(s). I Used A Half Of An Onion As It Is Just for Me… After Halved I Cut It In Thirds & Mix With Cut Up Cucumbers in Container.

Pour Zesty Italian Dressing In Container With Cucumber & Onion Slices. Stir. Put in the Fridge to Marinate for a Little Bit.

Take Out Of Fridge & Enjoy! I Ate This Container In One Sitting With Dinner!

One of the Things I Love About This Recipe Is It Is Easy & Quick… You Can Add A Variety Of Additional Produce, To Make It Yours, As Well As, You Can Make A Small Amount Just You or Make A Lot For a Family Event, Picnic, Holidays, Etc.

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