Cleaning Fruit & Vegetables!

I Like To Soak Any Fruit/Vegetable In A Clean Sink With Water & Vinegar…

I Usually Eye Ball It… Depending On How Full the Sink Is With Produce… I Would Say About 1/2 Cup If Vinegar For 1/2 Full Sink… Maybe A Little More…

It Will Removed Pesticides, Dirt, Etc. From the Fruit/Vegetables… It Also Will Help Make Them Last Longer As Well…

For Example:  I Have Store Bought Strawberries, Which I Soaked in the Vinegar Water, Then Rinsed & Put in the Fridge – They Lasted Up To Two (2) Weeks!

Notice My Helper… I Mean My Supervisor Mr. Magoo!

I Usually Soak The Produce For About 15 Min. Then Let the Water/Vinegar Drain & Rinse All Produce!

Then You Are Good To Go.

Side Note… Most of the Cucumbers, Peppers & Zucchini Are Fresh From The Garden So I Usually Take a Scrub Brush To Them After Soaking & Rinsing Just Be Sure to Remove Any Remaining Dirt, Etc. Especially Since I Make A Lot Of Pickles Out Of My Cucumbers!

Mr. Magoo Supervising My Progress… He Loves The Water & Watching It Drain, Play In, Etc.

There Will Be Dirt Left In The Sink! Look At That! That Was All on Fruit/Veggies!

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