Chili Peppers…

I Have A Chili Pepper Plant That Is Full Of Green Chili Peppers! Some Are Now Starting To Turn Red!

I Clipped Two Red Chili Peppers Today… The Other Ones Turning Red Haven’t Fully Turned Red Towards The Stems… I Wait To Pick Them Until They Fully Red…

I Always Grow A Chili Pepper Plant As This Seems To Be Something I Can’t Find in Our Local Grocery Stores…

I Usually Clean Them (As With Everything From The Garden – Get the Dirt Off) In Water With Some Vinegar… Then Dry Them… You Have Multiple Ways To Use & Save Them:

  1. I Chop Them Up… Put in a Freezer Bag & Pop Them Into The Freezer…
  2. Lay Them Out (I Use My Kitchen Window Sill) And Leave There… In Time They Will Dehydrate & And Can Be Used To Be Put Directly Into Chili, Etc. For Flavoring… You Can Eat Them As Well… After Dehydration, You Can Put Them In A Bag, Container, Etc. To Store…

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