Tomato Plants…

My Tomato Plants This Year Have Some Yellow Leaves As Well As Some Black Spots on the Leaves. We Are Located in the Upper Midwest, Where We Have A Lot of Rain, Especially in the Mo. of June.

Tomato Plants Do Not Like the Water… They Prefer the Dry Heat. If You Water to Much The Tomato’s Will Have Black Spots on Them. The Yellow Leaves Are Most Likely From Too Much Moisture. The Black Spots May Be A Small Fungi That Has Appeared From All of the Moisture.

It Is Important to Remove All Yellow Leaves, As Well As The Leaves With Spots… As This Can Spread to the Upper Areas of the Plant, If Not Treated Properly.

Also, I Will Buying A Fungicide to Ensure That The Plants Will Be Free From Any Disease.

As You Can See The Tomato Plants Are Still Producing As Is… But It May Affect the Actual Harvest – May Not Produce Like A Normal Tomato Plant…

Today I Removed All of the Yellow/Damaged Leaves. I Will Apply the Fungicide & Well See How They Do. If The Tomato Plants Are Covered in Yellow Leaves And/or With Black Spots… It May Be Too Late to Save Them. I Would Try Anyways, But Maybe Plant Another Couple of Plants In Another Area… Just to Be Safe.

It Is Recommended That You Move Tomato Plants Every Year… Do Not Plant Them in the Same Spot.  A Fungus Can Live in the Soil for A Couple of Years, Especially on Old Tomato Leaves That Have Fallen Onto the Soil. I Realize That This Isn’t Always Easy, Especially If You Have a Very Limited Area to Plant – Which Is My Case.

There Is The Option of Putting Down Carpet, Newspaper, Soil Liner, Straw, Etc. Over the Soil… I Did Not Do This As My Garden Was Perfectly Fine Last Year… I Didn’t Think I Would Have Any Problems, As Such.

3 thoughts on “Tomato Plants…

    1. Thank You! We Will Find Out Shortly! And I’ve Heard About Something That Will Help Keep Rabbits/Squirrels Away… I’ll Find It & Let You Know! I Have Both As Well But Magoo Keeps A Handle On Them For Now… Only The Ones With Huge Balls Come In My Yard Now 😂

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