Monster-In-Law… Christmas 2017…

My Brother’s 2nd Wife, Had My Niece on December 18th, 2017. We Got Together for a Family Lunch Approx. A Week After Christmas. This Was Our Family Christmas. We Made A Lot of the Food & Took It Over, As Well, So That There Was No Extra Effort Put on My Brother’s Family With the New Baby. We Cleaned Up All of the Food, As Well As Left Some for Them. I Got There, My Grandma Was Holding My Niece & She Wanted to Eat Lunch With Everyone Else. I Wasn’t Hungry So I Took My Niece. I Was Told, By the 2nd Wife, That She Doesn’t Need to Be Held All of the Time. This was the 2nd Time I Held Since She Was Born at the Hospital.

I Wasn’t Hungry & I Wanted to Hold Her. She is My Niece. After Maybe 5-10 Min. My Brother Came & Took Her Away From Me. He Told Me To Eat & I Replied I Am Not Hungry. He Put My Niece Down In A Round Half Pillow Thing on the Couch.

No One Was Allowed to Touch My Niece Again for the Rest of the Day.

It Was A Very Uncomfortable Situation. I Was Made to Feel Very Unwelcome by Wife No. 2. It Felt Like We Were Inconveniencing Her, Since She Had to Spent Some Time With Our Family.

Wife No. 2 Told Us Around the Beginning of December That They Didn’t Want to Do Gifts This Year, With the Expense of the New Baby. I Don’t Know If This Was With Just Our Family or Hers, As Well. That Was Fine; However, I Starting Buy Christmas Gifts In October, If Not Before. Of Course We Were Getting Gifts for the Kiddos. When We Opened Gifts, She Rolled Her Eyes. There Wasn’t Even A Thank You. My Mom Had To Ask If She Liked Her Gift. I Had Gotten Her A Little Gift As Well, Since I Bought Them In October, for Her Christmas Gift. It Wasn’t Anything Super Expensive: a Mini Cheesecake Pan (In A Color She Likes) and Hand Knitted Wash Clothes – Which By the Way Are My Favorite! It Was Just The Thought That Counted, But She Didn’t Seem Pleased.

I Went to the Garage With My Brother. We Were Hanging Out, Like we Used Too. Then My Brother Goes in the House & Comes Back Out Saying Wife No. 2 is Bitching Up A Storm About Me. Good Lord, What Now? So I Started To Cry… Like It Doesn’t Seem to Matter What I Say Or Do…

So I Was Like I’ll Just Leave. Side Note: The Garage With My Brother Is Where I Feel Comfortable At That House. My Brother Said He’d Come With Me. We Went to a Relatives House and Played Cards for Maybe 2 Hours and Came Home.

Side Note: My Brother & I Used Be Best Friends… Even With Wife No. 1. So The Fact I Get See Him & Want to Spend Time With Him is Just Natural.

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