The Best Pico de Gallo!

I Love Fresh Pico de Gallo! So, I’m Sharing My Recipe!!!



Onions – I Use Red & White (Feel Free to Use Vidalia Onions or Just Red/White)


Tastefully Simple Simply Salsa Seasoning

I Use A Vidalia Onion Chopper – I Absolutely Love It & It Only Takes Minutes to Chop!


This Is How I Start…

Slice Tomato…

Put Cut Tomato Slices In Chopper & Close Lid… Repeat Until Tomato Is Chopped Into Cubes… Repeat for as Many Tomato(s) As You Would Like to Use-Depending on Preference.

I Am Frugal & Don’t Like to Be Wasteful, So I Cut Around the Core & Use These Top Pieces As Well.



I Was Making The Sides for Tacos… So I Put All of the Chopped Tomato(s) in a Ziploc Bag… Please Feel Free to Use Containers or Just Combine All Ingredients for Pico.

Now We Start The Onions…

Onion Tip: Slice the Side of the Onion…

Now It Sits Flat on the Cutting Board & It Is Less Likely to Move Preventing Sipping & Cutting of Hands!

Slice the Onion… Put Slices Into Chopper, Close Lid…

Empty Chopper Into Bag/Container.

Do The Same for Jalapeno & Red Onion. Now We Are Ready to Put Together Our Pico de Gallo. Please NOTE: This Only Takes 5-10 Min. Depending On How Much You Are Making.

Combine Ingredients In A Bowl or Container. I Did Not Use All of the Tomato(s) Or White Onion. I Add Some To Get A Nice Mixture.

Now We Add The Tastefully Simple Simply Salsa Mix. For the Picture Above I Added About 3/4 of a Capful. Depending on the Amount of Pico You Are Making… You Can Add Less/More.



Put In The Fridge & ENJOY!

This Recipe Is Fresh & I Use This Instead of Tomato(s), Onions, Lettuce, Etc. for Taco Toppings. Also, I Use This In My Guacamole, As Well-Stay Tuned for That Recipe.

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