Parmesan Garlic Pepper Broccoli…

This Is An Easy & Quick Way to Make Broccoli And Takes Amazing!

If You Are Making Something in the Oven Anyways This Bakes Right With It!


Bag of Frozen Broccoli

Olive Oil

Garlic Pepper Seasoning

Parmesan Cheese


Preheat Oven to 350 Degrees.

Place Frozen Broccoli In A Greased Baking Dish… I Use Pyrex Glassware… Drizzle Olive Oil Over Frozen Broccoli… I Maybe Use 1/2- Teaspoon… Sprinkle Garlic Pepper Seasoning Over Broccoli…

Place In Oven for 20-30 Min. Depending On How Cooked You Like Your Broccoli… The Crisper You Would Like It… The Less Time In The Oven… When The Broccoli Is Looking Good (I Like Mine On The Soft Well Done Side So I Usually Wait Until the Top Edges Of the Broccoli Is Starting to Turn A Light Brown Just In A Couple Spots) Pull It Out Of the Oven & Sprinkle With Parmesan Cheese… Feel Free to Use A Little to a Lot Depending On Personal Preference…

Place Back Into the Oven for Approx. 5 Min. It Can Be Pulled Out Earlier Or Later As Well… Depending On How Melted You Like The Parmesan Cheese.

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